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Knowledge is power 



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A CARES Act Overview

In an effort to provide much-needed relief during these interesting times, The CARES Act was passed. It has the potential to provide significant benefits and breaks for many of us. Learn about some of the benefits here.

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What’s the Impact of the SECURE Act

While the SECURE Act did not provide sweeping tax reform, there are a few provisions in this 2019 year-end tax legislation that you should understand. From moving the Required Minimum Distribution age to age 72 to making the “stretch” IRA a bit less elastic, you should revisit your plan to determine the impact to your situation.

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Living With Purpose

Many studies have connected a strong sense of purpose with better mental and physical health, lower incidence of disease, and longevity. A person with purpose is clear-eyed, energetic, peaceful, and engaged. They take care of themselves so that they can work on their purpose all the days of their lives. This article talks about the benefits of having a high sense of purpose and how you can find it.

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