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Oasis Wealth Planning Advisors Now Serving Alabama

Oasis Wealth Planning Advisors is thrilled to be able to offer fiduciary fee-only financial planning services to Alabama residents. The firm currently has clients in several states throughout the Southeast including Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida, but recently was given the green light to service clients in Alabama. The firm indicates that it primarily serves near-retirees, retirees, and widows.

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The Top Southeast Cities to Retire In

Choosing where you would like to live during retirement can be a challenge. Such things as cost of living, tax factors, things to do, climate, overall happiness of residents, economy, and proximity of family should all be considered when finding the perfect retirement city. So where should you retire? Check out our list of the top 12 top southeast retirement cities. And wherever you decide to retire, Oasis Wealth Planning Advisors is eager to help you achieve your financial goals. We currently serve clients in Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, and Alabama.