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A place of peace, safety, or happiness in the midst of trouble.

Fiduciaries & Fee Only

Acting in your best interest  while never receiving commissions. 

Retirement & Tax Focused

Focusing on near-retirees, retirees, and widows.


Credentialed Advisors (CFP® practitioners, CPA, CFA, JD, MBA ) with  
150+ Years of Experience

We help answer your pressing questions about retirement

Am I on track for a secure retirement?

Based on your detailed cash flow and net worth projections (aka "financial modeling"), we help answer your question "am I on the right track for retirement?" Proper detailed retirement analysis can help answer the following key questions for you:

  • Am I saving enough for retirement?  
  • What are the trade-offs of different retirement dates?
  • How do I properly balance living for today versus planning for tomorrow?
  • How much can I confidently spend in retirement?
  • How can I develop a financial roadmap for my future?

How do I create a reliable income stream in retirement that will last my lifetime?

You may no longer receive a paycheck yet you still have dreams and expenses. Yesterday's approach to retirement -- living off of dividends, interest and a pension -- is no longer a viable option for most retirees. Annuities are costly and inflexible. The traditional approach of managing a portfolio has disadvantages. Enter the matching approach. Let us show you how creating the Matching Bucket and the Growth Bucket can provide security, peace of mind, and long-term financial independence during good and bad markets. 

What are top strategies to minimize income taxes?

A good advisor may help you save tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars leading up to and through retirement.  You have come to the right place.  Whether it is maximizing benefits at your workplace, implementing Roth conversions at key years around your retirement date, or developing a tax-effective withdrawal strategy, our tax-focused advisors lead by a CPA and tax lawyer seek ways to minimize taxes that are integrated with your overall financial plan. 

How do I discover and define my purpose in retirement?

Let's face it, you are not retiring to "withdraw". Your retirement is your encore because you still have sweet music to play. Better health, increased longevity, and greater wealth can lead to the best stage of life yet. During this encore period of your life, what are you going to do with it?  Our life-centered approach to financial planning is about way more than investments, tax-efficient withdrawal strategies, and budgets. Our life-centered planning approach is an on-going process of discovery and follow-through that helps you identify, plan for, and live your best life possible with the money you have.

What's the right mix of stocks and bonds?

As a near-retiree or retiree, your asset mix should be quite different than it was 10 years ago. You need income for the short and medium-term, yet you need growth to outpace inflation and meet your long-term needs. Crafting the right mix of stocks and bonds with a focus on tax-efficiency, lower-cost investments, and evidenced based investing can make all the difference in providing the financial independence you deserve.

Questions on Social Security, health insurance, estate planning, and more...

  • When is the right time to take Social Security and my pension?
  • How do I select the right health insurance?
  • How do I leave a legacy to my loved ones with minimal tax?

Are you using your life to pursue money or your money to pursue a life?

– Steve Martin

Who We Serve



Whether you are two or ten years from retirement, you are focused on making critical decisions that will have a significant impact on your retirement years.



You are retired, and you now realize you need a fiduciary retirement specialist to bring you peace of mind and security while crafting a reliable income stream.


Surviving Spouses

You are looking for a trusted advisor that listens to you and provides clarity on your
financial life.

Your Team

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Steve Martin



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Christina Caffrey


Operations Director and Financial Planner

Kim Chaplin

Operations Director

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Financial Planner

Tyler Vaughn

Financial Planner

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Executive Assistant

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Chief Support Officer

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Spain-Robinson Team

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Spain-Robinson Team

Get Started

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2. Get Acquainted Meeting

3. Start Planning and Investing

Helping you visualize, plan, and navigate
your unique retirement journey!

Services – Financial Planning, Tax
Planning, and Investment Management

Retirement Planning

Whether you are already retired or planning to retire, you want to know how long you can sustain your desired level of spending and what changes need to be made.

Income Tax Planning And Tax Preparation

Consulting to spot tax-minimization opportunities by reviewing your current situation and by preparing forward-looking cash flow and tax projections.

Investment Advisory

We review your current asset allocation and investment choices across all your investments and discuss any hidden fees that you may be paying. We provide full portfolio management services using the matched bucket approach with index-like investing.

Other Areas

Getting clarity on your estate planning documents and beneficiary designations, insurance strategies, charitable gifting, and college funding are just a few of the other issues that may be addressed.

Life-focused Planning

Planning is much more than just looking at numbers. Life-integrated planning involves exploring living an intentional life with the financial clutter in the rear-view mirror.

Locations Served - Nashville, Atlanta, Florida and Beyond

Nashville And Middle Tennessee

Based out of Nashville, we have meeting locations in West End, downtown Nashville, Green Hills, Brentwood, Franklin, and Murfreesboro.

Georgia - Atlanta

With our main hub and mailing address in Alpharetta, we serve clients throughout the Atlanta area, including Cobb County, Galleria Parkway, Marietta, Roswell, The Perimeter, Buckhead, and beyond.

Tampa, Orlando, Sarasota

We are thrilled to offer much needed fiduciary guidance to Tampa and nearby areas in the Sunshine State. We serve clients in Tampa, Orlando, and Sarasota with meeting locations in the 'burbs, near the beaches, or downtown.

Indianapolis, Indiana

Our founder was born and educated in Indianapolis so we are thrilled to bring the Puritan work ethic to the heartland, meeting at locations in downtown Indianapolis to Northeast Indy near Carmel (or your workplace or home).

Huntsville, Alabama

We serve clients in Huntsville and beyond. Our co-founder was born in Mobile so we talk Roll Tide and War Eagle.

Nationwide by Video

Geography does not hinder our ability to serve you. Using video technology, we can serve you in several other states. The only requirement is that we are licensed or exempt from licensing in those states. We save our clients time and money with this option.

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