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What Support Group Do I Need As A Widow?

A widow’s support network can serve critical roles during widowhood. Whether it is helping to plan for the funeral, helping with the emotional aspects of the grieving process, or getting clarity around finances, the right combination of friends, family, and professionals can help widows in their journey.

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Should I Move Upon Becoming a Widow?

Deciding whether to move after becoming widow is a major decision. Deciding whether to move cross country or stay put or deciding whether to downsize into a condo in the same town or remain in your current residence, there are both financial and non-financial considerations.

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What is the right asset allocation for widows?

Determining the right asset allocation for widows should not be a cookie-cutter exercise. The proper asset allocation is dependent on the widow’s unique financial situation and overall goals. Rather than being sold annuities to provide “safe income”, widows should consider adhering to the asset dedicated approach for the right combination of safety and growth.

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When Should A Widow See A Grief Professional?

The grieving process for widows – while natural and necessary for growth – can be difficult to go through. Fortunately, there are many places and people to get support from, including professional therapists, support groups with professionals involved, or workshops. With the assistance of professionals and others, more healing and accelerated healing may take place.

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