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What Makes a Good Life? Thumbnail

What Makes a Good Life?

Getting an ideal Return on Life may be more than just having a happy life and a meaningful life – it may involve living a psychological rich life. Do you have the “right” level of curiosity, novelty, and interest in your life?

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Living With Purpose Thumbnail

Living With Purpose

Many studies have connected a strong sense of purpose with better mental and physical health, lower incidence of disease, and longevity. A person with purpose is clear-eyed, energetic, peaceful, and engaged. They take care of themselves so that they can work on their purpose all the days of their lives. This article talks about the benefits of having a high sense of purpose and how you can find it.

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Nudge Yourself To Move Thumbnail

Nudge Yourself To Move

When we ask people about their retirement goals, one statement seems to sum up their primary concern, “I don’t want to outlive my money.” That statement has two parts, length of life and quantity of money. Today, we want to focus again on the ‘length of life’ part, examining how you can live longer, healthier and happier. Let’s talk about moving our bodies every day.

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