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Will I Get My Full Social Security? Thumbnail

Will I Get My Full Social Security?

Should we count on Social Security benefits when we plan for retirement? Yes, but there are caveats. Is the Social Security funding in trouble? Yes, but sensible legislation can and will be passed to shore up this important part of retirement for generations to come.

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Will Inflation Hurt Stocks?  Not Necessarily. Thumbnail

Will Inflation Hurt Stocks? Not Necessarily.

While high inflation and inflation shocks are generally not desirable, higher inflation does not necessarily bode ill for the stock market. Certainly, the evidence indicates that it is difficult to accurately predict with precision the future moves of inflation and the correlated moves of the stock market.

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What is Your Number for Retirement? (Ep4) Thumbnail

What is Your Number for Retirement? (Ep4)

Figuring out whether you can retire requires understanding “how much is enough” for a portfolio size at retirement. In other words, “what is your number” for Day One at retirement. We explore the basic variables, calculation, and sensitivity analysis around this important question in retirement planning. Accompanies Episode 4 of The Retirement Oasis Podcast.

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Understanding Cryptocurrency Thumbnail

Understanding Cryptocurrency

Understanding the basics of cryptocurrency is a critical first step in understanding whether crypto should play a role in your financial planning. Make sure you have a full understanding before you invest or use cryptocurrency.

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