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Episode 6. Designing an Ideal Retirement: Leisure Thumbnail

Episode 6. Designing an Ideal Retirement: Leisure

A life of complete leisure in retirement can lead to depression and shorter life expectancy. However, leisure and play – if balanced with other well-being fundamentals in retirement, can serve a critical domain to find fulfillment in retirement. Learn how your inner child can guide you to happiness and how to plan well ahead of retirement to find the most of hobbies and travel.  

In this episode, Steve and Mel discuss the following:

  • Why Leisure should not be the sole focus of retirement.
  • Why understanding your DNA makeup could lead you to your ideal retirement.
  • Why workaholics should be concerned about retirement.
  • How travel is different for retirees and why it matters.
  • Why hobbies, especially on the creative side, can generate so many benefits for you in retirement.
  • And more!