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Ep3. Designing an Ideal Retirement Part 2 Thumbnail

Ep3. Designing an Ideal Retirement Part 2

Show Notes

For more details on this topic, visit our corresponding blog at: oasiswealthplanning.com/insights/designing-an-ideal-retirement-part-2-ep3

Finding the ideal retirement is best viewed from a well-being framework which includes three domains of well-being: financial or physical, health, and inner well-being or fulfillment. We provided various tips or words of encouragement in finding fulfillment in retirement, including the idea that it is never too late – or too early – to begin thinking about the ideal retirement. Experimentation, being open and adaptable to new opportunities, and crafting a retirement built around your uniqueness is critical for finding true happiness.

Adopting the right mindset is also critical to gaining a successful retirement. This includes putting the past behind us, having a growth mindset, and not viewing your age as a chronological age are among some of the key mindsets to practice.

In this episode, Steve and Mel discuss the following: 

  • What is the ideal time to begin thinking about retirement?
  • Why one’s mindset is more important than the size of one’s portfolio in finding true fulfillment in retirement.
  • Ideas on how to visualize your unique retirement and observations on overcoming fears about retirement.
  • What we can do about setbacks in retirement.
  • What is a growth mindset, and how it can serve us well in retirement?