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Ep2. Designing an Ideal Retirement Part 1 Thumbnail

Ep2. Designing an Ideal Retirement Part 1


For more details on this topic, visit our corresponding blog at: oasiswealthplanning.com/insights/designing-an-ideal-retirement-part-1-ep2.

Retirement today can be a fascinating period in your life. Unlike generations ago, the ability to design an ideal retirement that strives for fulfillment is possible in light of the better longevity, better health, and greater prosperity. In light of the increased complexity in finances and taxes in today’s environment, the increased responsibility to be accountable for your own finances, and the opportunity to find fulfillment in retirement, a lot is on the line in planning for your unique retirement.

Finding the ideal retirement is best viewed from a well-being framework which includes three domains of well-being: financial or physical, health, and inner well-being or fulfillment. The financial and health domains are foundational to be able to move on to – or optimize – your inner well-being in retirement. Understanding the various categories of fulfillment in retirement – and appreciating the benefits that they can provide – are critical for designing and living out your ideal retirement.

In this episode, Steve and Mel discuss the following:

Why retirement is different today than it was generations ago, and why it matters.

  • Why retirement can be an amazing era in your life and why “encore” is such an appropriate term to describe this period.
  • Why the financial well-being and health well-being are foundational for creating the opportunity to live a fulfilled life in retirement.
  • An introduction to the four categories of activities that comprise a fulfilling retirement, including leisure, connections or relationships, renewal, and work.
  • Why the elements of lasting happiness – pleasure, engagement, and meaning – are critical to finding fulfillment in retirement.


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